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Specialist Services

Specialist Services


In an ever growing and demanding industry, we strive to use different and innovative methods and services to make us stand out from the rest. We now offer Speedpanel® installation, Hebel® panel and Promat® installation.
Speedpanel® – In the Doubletree by Hilton project, we used Speedpanel® which is completely fire tested and certified by all NATA approved facilities. The extensive certification includes several heights, spans and connecting configurations allowing large spans and unlimited height availability. As well as this, Speedpanel® has an array of fully tested and certified acoustic wall systems. It can provide the smallest possible footprint all the while achieving BCA compliant, superior acoustic performance. The qualities of speed panel make it ideal for shafts and risers, intertenancy (fire walls), cinema acoustic walls and corridor walls.

Hebel® – We used Hebel® panelling on the Claremont on the Park apartment complex. CSR Hebel® is Australia’s leading manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). It is a strong, yet lightweight building material that is available in panels or blocks. Hebel® delivers a wide range of benefits to both the builder and the client – it is quick and easy to build with, it holds superior insulation qualities while maintaining high sustainability values and it is fire rated from 60 – 240 minutes. It can be used in the commercial and industrial sector on internal and external walls, intertenancy walls, shaft walls and services’ walls, to the residential sector on high rise facades, corridor walls, floors and intertenancy walls.


Promat®- Promat® Australia is one of the main suppliers and NATA accredited tester of passive fire protection systems into the Australian construction sector. Promat is the leading reference in fireproofing and thermal and acoustic insulation which was used throughout the Doubletree by Hilton project. Promat fire protection systems help save lives and protect property in the event of a fire. These systems guarantee the comprehensive structural fire protection of complex buildings such as hotels, high rise apartments and hospitals. Promat® was used throughout the Doubletree by Hilton project.